India: World Major Economy Nation




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India: The Great
Place with Investment & Business Opportunitie(s)

ESIZ offers an established, business-friendly environment, with economic stability and commercial security, all of which continues to attract the very best talent from around the world. India is now emerging as a leading global business centre and Industrial hub with a world-class regulatory and legal system and world’s leading financial services industry and becoming most popular destination for Foreign Direct Investment.

Welcome to India ! Welcome to ESIZ !

No. 1: Destination ripe for business & Industry

India is a country and economy that is ready for
the future. With its ideal geological position, it will be a Gateway to the world.

The perfect business environment Many factors come together to create the India’s vigorous and dependable economy and business-friendly environment: 

Now India has;

  • Stable and transparent political, legal and regulatory environment. 
  • The flexibility to choose a company structure that suits your business. 
  • Fair and open public procurement procedures. 
  • Pro-active approach to reducing regulatory burdens.
  • A competitive tax environment: India is focused on developing the optimum environment for business to thrive and at the heart of this is low tax, fair but competitive tax rules, and generous tax relief for innovation. India has frozen corporation tax at 25%. These conditions are essential for businesses to establish themselves successfully and profitably. They are central to the India’s aim to make this country the best place in the world to locate and grow an international business.
  • Home to world-class talent and skills: Home to world-class talent and skills : Investors coming to India have access to a diverse and expansive international talent pool, enabling them to compete on the world stage.


    Three factors support the India’s capacity to supply the essential skills your business needs today and in the future.

    1. Benefit from the high quality of the existing skills base here.

    2. India’s attraction for talent(a magnet for talent), India is its ability to grow and attract talent from around the world

    3. India’s focus on increasing the pool of skills that employers need most.

    With a labour force of over 690 million people; the people you need to grow your business are here, ready to add their skills and expertise to yours by a unique reformed apprenticeship system – designed to meet the skills needs of employers. One of the most flexible and Cheapest labour markets in the world

    India provides an excellent foundation for world-class innovation and ideas with a globally competitive higher education system.