Core Facilities @ ESIZ

  1. Assured & Chepeast Electricity Supply
  2. Adequate Water Supply
  3. Sanitation Facilities, Including Solid Waste Management
  4. Good Health & Education
  5. Vocational & Self Defence Training 
  6. Sports and Recreation Activities 
  7. Sustainable Environment
  8. Efficient urban mobility and public transport
  9. Affordable housing, especially for the poor
  10. Good Governance, especially e-Governance and Citizen Participation
  11. Safety and security of Citizen by 24×365 Centrally Monitored CC TV Camera and Satelite Camera and Robust IT Connectivity and Digitalization

Special Provision @ ESIZ

  1. ESIZ is covered with Outer Compound Wall with entry & exit gates digitally operated. (can be 100% locked down immediately in emergency and/or Low & Order management)
  2. Allowing Planned Population owner, staff, worker etc… and all citizen’s activities can be monitored.
  3. All visitors closely monitored with help of digital technology.
  4. 24 hours Working enviornment with Digitally monitoring Low & Order.
  5. Unique and Innovative Road, Air, Rail & Sea Connectivity.
  6. All other Public utility/ammenities with 5 Star Safety policy.
  7. All Emergency Services are equipped with Innovative and latest updated technology.
  8. In case of any Natural Calamities/Disaster;
    • Essential material & Food Supply for planned population
    • Planned Sufficient Health and other facility.
    • Planned sufficient Refugee area.
    • Public announcement and communication system. 

Top 7 Supports from ESIZ

  1. Helping Select the Best Location for setting up Industry
  2. Upto 100% Free Industrial Plot for Setting up Industry
  3. Upto 100% Free Constructed Galas of required size for entrepreneur
  4. Finding Top Quality Staff and Training to Selected Staff
  5. On Going Government Support
  6. Market Research, Innovative Technology Updates, 
  7. Support in Domestic & International Sales of products / Services

State & Central Government Benefits to Industries @ESIZ

  1. Central Government benefits will be updated soon after finalisation with Central Government.
  2. All State Government Benefits will be as per State Policy and will be updated soon after finalisation