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Welcome to Ecstasy Smart Industrial Zone

Ecstasy Smart Industrial Zone was incorporated in March 2020, during COVID-19.

With thinking post covid-19 time, we think and believe that Smart Industrial Zone will be the future, keeping this in mind, we are now establishing Smart Industrial Zone in various parts of India.

Our Government and all others are working for the big industrial giant leaving China should come to India, Why they will come to India? First we have to start with our own Investment and develop enviornment to attract them, just with bagging please come, please come,…. No company will come.

India has lots of power and Investment capacity and India can develop lots of Industries, mega and ultra mega industries.

Main principle of Smart Industrial Zone is development of Industrial Regions and development of Industries in all parts of India along with Boosting of Agricultural Production.

Post COVID-19, such Smart Industrial Zone will be THE REQUIREMENT.

Partnering / Joint Venture Invitation

Lets Start with our own fund and offer all the benefits to our Indian Entrepreneurs and once we start getting developed, Foreign Companies will come and Invest with paying us premium and we can become Global Manufacturing Hub and can export Globally more than any other country.

ESIZ is now Inviting all General Public, Industrialist and Business House to join ESIZ as partner and be active developer of New Industrial IndiaSimultaneously, we are in process to get in touch with all state government for their interest in establishment of Ecstasy Smart Industrial Zone in state.

For More details of Investment opportunity please write to contact@esiz.in

ESIZ: New Industrial India Developer